Yes, we understand that 2014 is less than a week away, and all of the current “best of” lists popping up are focusing on the top content of 2013. But, a topic that came up quite frequently over the past few weeks in conversations with some fellow music enthusiasts, is how quickly quality music from previous years can get lost in the shuffle of new trends and sounds. Artists that aren’t quite mainstream or immensely popular names, can sometimes see their music swiftly drown in the sea of the congested interwebs.

So in a change of pace “best of” list, we are highlighting 25 songs from 2012 that should be in your music library, and if they weren’t before, need to reside in your regular shuffle rotation. Some of these artists you’ve heard of and some of them you haven’t. Some have since put out newer projects, and some are currently in the process of that. Get familiar with “Next Impulse’s 25 Songs From 2012 That You Might Have Missed.”


Sene (ft. Blu)- Backboards


Greg Grease- C.R.E.A.M. Dreams


Vanilla- A Chance


L’Orange (ft. Blu)- Alone


Dom O Briggs (ft. ScienZe)- Dope & Doper