Phoenix SunsThe Phoenix Suns have impressed, then not impressed, and then impressed me all in less than half of a season. I have also continued to lose money by betting on them, and I still keep coming back for more. The boys from Phoenix sit right now at 12-9, which is good enough for 2nd in the Pacific Division, but unfortunately according to USA Today (in a poll released at the beginning of the season) they are the LEAST WATCHABLE TEAM IN THE WHOLE DAMN NBA. However, I beg to differ and here is why.

1) Eric Bledsoe – The kid is damn good and when he is scoring well, the Suns are winning. Bledsoe averages 20 points in Suns’ wins and 16 in Suns losses. Bledsoe is also passing the rock consistently and has taken over ball handling duties from his fellow guard Goran Dragic. In addition, he is a hustle player with ridiculous upside on both sides of the ball. Kentucky, stand up.

2) Their social media team is quite funny. (See HERE)


3) Goran Dragic – Best name in the NBA. Oh yeah, and in his last ten games he has averaged 20 points and 7 assists. Hornacek’s dual guard system is in place in Phoenix, and it finally seems to be working. Now, if they can only stay healthy.

4) The Emergence of the Real Channing Frye – Channing started off the season looking like a massive bust, but has managed to become a top 3 player for the Suns and one hell of a shooter. The last 11 games have seen Frye shooting a ridiculous 56% from the field and has a knack for spreading out defenses with his three-point capability.