The answer is yes, or at least that’s the buzz around the New York Giants locker room.  Cornerback Prince Amukamara recently did an interview with Muscle and Fitness that shed some light on his lifestyle that has his teammates referring to him as the “black Tim Tebow.”

Prince comments here on drinking, sex, and his religious upbringing:

If you plan on having one, clearly you’re not against it. How is it that you’ve waited this long?

I grew up Catholic, so it just started out as one of those things. I’d think, “If I do this, maybe I can get to heaven,” so I said no drinks, no sex, all the big things. As I grew up, I realized that’s not what it’s about. It’s about having a relationship with Jesus. It’s not about “Don’t do this. Don’t do that.” But still, it’s just one of those things I haven’t done, and I don’t see any benefit to doing it. You’re always reading about people getting DUIs. So many bad things that happen and wind up in the paper are alcohol-related, so by not drinking, it saves me, my team, and my family a lot of trouble.

You said one of your nicknames is “the black Tim Tebow.”

[Laughs] Yeah, some people call me the black Tim Tebow.

Well, Tim Tebow famously said that he was a virgin. Are you? Are you open to talking about that?

Yeah, I am a virgin. I’m not ashamed to say that.

Based on that chunk of the interview, it is safe to say that Amukara, an actual African prince, does have some very Tebo-like qualities.  Can’t find many men in the world, let alone the NFL who’ve never had sex nor had a drink.

The entire article is a great read, during which Amukamara goes into detail on the infamous bath tub prank and how harmless it really was.  But what is most attention grabbing is the story of how he and his now soon-to-be wife met.  Amukamara explains that he met her at a club, talked to her and walked away, but luckily a few of his teammates were there to cheer him on and encourage him to follow through, and now here they are.


Congrats to Prince and Pilar, and enjoy that first night of marital bliss.