With Breaking Bad quickly coming to a close there’s not much time for parodies, well Jimmy Fallon destroys it with his comedy version of the epic drama called “Joking Bad.” Fallon hooks up with his foul-mouthed announcer/accomplice Steve Higgins and breaks bad as joke dealer, “Falsenberg.” They immediately start selling the purest one-liners in the game. Comedian Colin Quinn portrays Tuco with his “Tight” reaction and quickly buys Fallon’s black market puns. Late Night head writer A.D. Miles plays the role of Hank and is dead set on finding out where all the jokes went. Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman) is Fallon’s agent trying to give him sheisty advice. Gus Fring wants to buy all of Fallon’s wisecracks and even offers Jimmy some chicken. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul make cameos as disapproving audience members. Watch the entire 12-minute video because there is a special celebrity playing the bell-ringing Hector.