A Vine has popped up which features none other than Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets doing what appears to be a dance with two very good looking young ladies. The video was posted to Alana Kari’s Twitter account and there are two other video featuring the ladies dancing. At first glance it does look like Mark is dancing topless wearing a skirt and in yellow clogs, but we assume it is one of the two ladies wearing the skirt.  Do you, Mark.

Not surprisingly the Vine was removed after it started making its way around the Internet, but we have screenshots for you in the order they appeared in the video. And we are greatful that Robert Littal of Black Sports Online was kind enough to find the YouTube version.









It looks like Alana Kari is dating (or good friends with) Dan Bilzerian (if her Twitter account is any indication) who is a wealthy young man who enjoys a bit of poker and was actually involved in the A-Rod poker game controversy back a ways.  So it isn’t far fetched that Dan and girlfriend would be hanging out with another wealthy athlete in New York.  Here is another photo of Alana for good measure.

[Thanks to One Jet At a Time for the Heads Up]