Jealous that your summer internship isn’t as cool Steve Weatherford’s or A.J. Hawk’s?  Don’t worry, you’re normal, and your college’s career center is much different from the NFL’s, which goes to great lengths to ensure of players’ livelihoods after football.  Part of such movement is the Broadcast Bootcamp, which is in its seventh year and underway this week in Mt. Laurel, NJ.  This year’s events are hosted by Jim Brown.

The camp aims to not only provide on-camera training, but also preparation for successful careers beyond playing the game.

“This boot camp is more than an introduction to the many facets of the sports broadcasting industry,” says TROY VINCENT, Senior Vice President of NFL Player Engagement. “It is a hands-on, demanding course for current and former players who seek a career in broadcasting after their NFL playing experience. Nearly 40% of the players who participated in past camps have earned broadcasting jobs.”

Steve Weatherford tweeted a photo of a few of the bootcamp’s participants in the studio:



Fans having any interest in the personalities bringing them their football news and analysis cant start with the boot camp for a first-look at the future prospects in broadcasting.