Rarely does a baseball game dumbfound everyone all at the same time, including those both at and not at the game.  The Seattle Mariners and Chicago White Sox were able to do just that last night.  After reading up more about the rare statistics and oddities of everything that took place last night, it’s easy to see that this game got weirder than the chicken leg scene in Killer Joe.

Pitchers’ duels aren’t always the most fun, as a low scoring game doesn’t really excite anyone but Buster Olney it seems.  They’re boring and seem to last forever.  The only positive you can really take out of it as a fan is if there is a No-Hitter or Perfect Game going on.  Neither of those happened.  Thirteen innings into the game, the Sox and Mariners remained scoreless.  Then, the weird.

Elias Sports Bureau is reporting that it is the first game in major-league history in which each team scored five or more runs after being scoreless through nine.  It was also the first game in MLB history in which a player hit a grand to tie a ballgame in extra innings.   Congratulations, Kyle Seager.  (Sidenote: On that home run, a fan decided to go Office Linebacker Terry Tate on a little child.  Enjoy.)  Lastly, it was the first time ever that a team (Seattle) scored 5 or more runs in extra innings to tie a ball game.

Once finally completed after 16 innings – at 5 hours and 42 minutes (another Mariners single game record) – the two teams combined for 12 runs (all extra innings, which tied the AL record) and sent Vegas over/under gamblers to hell and back.  So in the time that I could have made nearly 29 frozen pizzas, the Seattle Mariners lost a game and probably a few fans.


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