In case you missed it, Charles Barkley turned 50 on Tuesday. We’ll forgive you for not noticing though, mainly because sports media was busy covering some other guy’s 50th birthday 24/7 over the past week. Now, we’re not going to put up much of an argument against who was the better player, but when it comes to their post playing careers, the ball swings decidedly in the other direction (this piece from TBJ’s Andrew Unterberger sums it up nicely). While Jordan has never let go of his playing days — clearly yearning to prove he can still hoop at age 50 — the Chuckster has gone on to become arguably the most important figure in sports media since joining the TNT crew in 2000.

So how did the Round Mound celebrate his 50th? By appearing on The Price Is Right, of course. Barkley bid on five items — guessing correctly on three — and won $300 for an audience member. One of the items Charles was asked to bid on was a 1988 Kenny Smith Fleer card, because why do a television appearance and not get a dig in on your TNT co-host? Barkley’s guess: $1.00. Actual price: $1.50. Poor Kenny just can’t win these days. Don’t cry for him though — he sleeps next to this every night. And he has those two rings. Something poor Chuck never got.