Metro State and Colorado Mines had quite the delay during a recent game due to a certain Trevor Wages. Wages demolished, to the point of no return, the backboard on a fairly routine dunk with 6:44 left in the first half. The hometown maintenance crews were unable to fashion a new hoop and the game was postponed for two days and will resume on Sunday night.

Trevor spoke with 9 News following the game:

“I just never thought I’d actually do that,” Wages said on 9NEWS just a few hours after dismantling the rim from its hinges. “I was watching a video on SportsCenter a month ago [of Pittsburgh’s Jerome Lane backboarding smashing dunk], so I was just thinking to myself, ‘There is no way I’ll ever do that.'”

“I didn’t believe it until I landed. I was just stoked about the dunk and then all of a sudden I look back and it’s hanging down. I just started screaming.”