The Cleveland Cavaliers have a paltry 3-12 record and Tuesday night’s loss to the Suns didn’t make matters any better. The only bright spot has been the Cavs center, who is having a fairly incredible season which is not going unnoticed by his coach. Byron opened his Tuesday presser with a simple and very true statement:

“Andy Varejao was fantastic. Everybody else sucked tonight.”

You don’t often hear that from a coach, but the video below proves it happened. Byron had some backup for his statement as Varejao is having a monster season averaging 14.1 points, a league-high 14.7 rebounds and 3.2 assists. Don’t forget that he is shooting 51% from the field and 77.8% from the foul line.  Last night he poured in 20 points while grabbing 18 rebounds.  You can see the full box score below.

As for everyone else? Take it away Byron…

Here is the box score from last night’s game.

H/T The Big Lead