This seems like it is true given the pretty incredible highlights put on by Sam Gordon who hails from the greater Salt Lake City area.   According to the YouTube description which was written by Sam’s father (who also uploaded the video) she has logged 1,911 yards this season on 8.2 yards per carry and has scored an astounding 35 touchdowns.  Sam has been playing this year in the Gremlin age group (mostly 9-year olds) of the Ute Conference.   Brent also said that there were 172 kids in Sam’s district who tried out for a Gremlin team, and during those tryouts Sam ended up being the fastest in every single speed and agility drill.   Given the outstanding testing Sam’s coach started her immediately at quarterback and it should be noted that they only call running plays.

And yes, this is the first year Sam has ever played football.

via The Big Lead