In a surprising move, but one which we applaud, Romeo Crennel managed to fire himself today from defensive coordinator duties in an effort to turn around the sinking ship that is the Chiefs. Even though they have a 1-7 record, the Chiefs can at least hang their hat on the fact that they have had a record breaking season thus far. The Chiefs became the first team since the 1940 Eagles to make it through the first seven games of the season without ever having held a lead in regulation.

Crennel spoke on the self-firing today:

“I will continue to be in meetings sometimes. I will meet with Gary on a regular basis as well as I do with (offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and special teams coach Tom McMahon) to know what the game plan is and what’s going on there. But I’m going to spent more time with the whole team and less time with the defense.

“We have a young team and some guys, the perception may be that I’m a defensive coach , that I’m a defensive coordinator, and I don’t care about other parts of the team, which is not true. But their perception may be that. By my being with them more, I think they will see I’m concerned about the whole team.”

After scratching my head about this move, I finally came to the conclusion that Crennel has pulled off one of the best possible work situations. Crennel essentially cut his work responsibility in half, but managed to keep his same salary. Well done, sir.