In today’s episode of ESPN First Take, Skip Bayless said that Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III should actually be backing up the other quarterback they selected in this years draft, Kirk Cousins. If you look at the numbers, Bayless’ proclamation may not be as crazy as it may seem.

In the two preseason games the Redskins have played, Cousins has put up an impressive stat line going 27-55 for 348 yards, three touchdowns and only one pick. RGIII, on the other hand, has gone 9-14 for 139 yards, only one touchdown and a fumble.

That being said, Cousins has been going against second and third team defenses while RGIII has mainly faced opposing teams’ starting defenses.

There were some questions raised when the Redskins decided to draft Cousins after using their first pick on RGIII, but–regardless of what Skip Bayless may think–the Redskins will undoubtedly start RGIII week 1.


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