Tony Hibbert has played for the EPL team Everton since 2001, and not once has he scored a goal. That all changed today as Hibbert netted a goal from around 30-yards and the Everton supporters celebrated in a riot-like fashion. The fans of Everton have long promised to riot if Hibbert, who is a club favorite among fans, scored a goal and it finally happened during a match against AEK Athens

Deadspin explains:

The other key thing is that the Everton fans decided long ago that when (not really if) Hibbert scored, they would riot on the field. In fact, the single comment on this YouTube video from a few months ago, showing Hibbert scoring in practice (and the crowd playfully cheering the moment), is WHEN HIBBO SCORES WE ROIT :). (You get the idea.)

You have to feel great for Hibbert following the goal and show of support by the fans.

Έβερτον – ΑΕΚ 4-1 by tetarti

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