There’s no denying the fact that I’m a gamer.  I love to play video games and have since I got my first Atari 2600.  When I was given the opportunity to attend this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo and review it for Cosby Sweaters I jumped at the chance.  I took Wednesday off and headed downtown to scope out what the biggest names in video gaming had to offer this year.

My first stop was at the very large Star Trek booth (from Namco-Bandai).  It was shaped a bit like the bottom half of the Enterprise so, naturally, I was drawn to it.  Here’s a look at the highlight of the booth:

The game looked boring.  It’s a shooter-type game based on the reboot of the series.

Next it was off to Konami to see what they were offering this year.  What they had on display was amazing, to be fair.

I heard the sound of punching nearby and wandered over to a large staging area where the newest version of the popular “Tekken” game was on display.  It turns out our old friend Snoop Dogg (the 3:25 mark features a much Bigger Skeezy) is featured in the new installment:

They also had some amazing Tekken-themed race cars on display:

I needed to get some fresh air at this point and made my way outside to check out the street vendors.  NoS, the energy drink, had a great tent.  I had a wretched beverage but was able to catch the end of a dance-off.  She must have had a BUNCH of NoS, because she was killing it on a completely different level than everyone else:

On the way back in I noticed a very, very long line twisting around a mock-up of “The Drunken Clam”, the bar from “Family Guy”.  I made my way past the line and noticed none other than Adam West, TV’s original Batman, signing autographs:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t there to meet celebrities.  I was there to review video game innovation.  That being said, my next stop was at a small shop called Neogames.  They’ve entered the world of video games with a shooter that is a sort of futuristic Wild West thing:

Capcom was next.  I’ve been a fan of Capcom for a long time.  They’ve made some of my favorite games – Street Fighter, Ghosts and Goblins, Devil May Cry, and Resident Evil (to name a few).  This year’s menu promises to be just as appetizing for long-time (and new) fans of their work: had a couple of very spectacular games I was anxious to check out as well:

Like all good things, my day at E3 had to end.  I also needed to get out of downtown just in case the Kings won the Cup because I didn’t want to be stuck in a riot.  I did have a bit of thirst, though, but luckily I found a tent outside with an energy drink I had never heard of before:

All in all, I was very pleased with what I saw at E3 this year.  The various studios had a lot of delightful entries into the gaming world and I was excited to play with every single one of them.  The year in games is going to finish strong, gang!