If you are planning ways to try to stay out of the heat this upcoming summer your local movie theater is a damn good choice. In the coming months a plethora of different flicks hit the big screen as the summer has come to represent movie season in Hollywood. From high action comic book thriller sequels, to ground breaking science fiction debuts and a film about a male stripper, this summer has something coming for movie lovers of all genres.  Below is a list of ten movie trailers that caught my eye. Enjoy

Men in Black III– May 25th


Prometheus– June 8th


Your Sisters Sister– June 15th


Beasts of Southern Wild– June 27th 


Magic Mike– June 29th


The Amazing Spider Man– July 3rd


Savages– July 6th


The Dark Knight Rises– July 20th


Total Recall- August 3rd


Lawless– August 31st


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