Muhammad Ali was on hand for the opening ceremonies for the first game in the Miami Marlins new ballpark.  Following the lineups being announced, Ali was brought to the infield from center field by way of a a golf cart.  When the cart got to the mound, he handed the game ball off to Hanley Ramirez and then took pictures with Marlins players.  The Marlins went with Ali because of his history in Miami.  Ali trained in Miami Beach and it was in Miami where he defeated Sonny Liston in Miami Beach in 1964 to become the heavyweight champion.

In theory this was a good idea, but I couldn’t help but get choked up over the state that the champ is in.  At 71 years old it is clear that Parkinson’s has taken a hold of The Champ, and it is not a fight that he will be able to win in the long term.  My heart goes out to all affected by the disease and it is just another reminder to live every day to its fullest.


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