Running back Brandon Jacobs has reached an agreement with the San Francisco 49ers, ESPN reports. The 29-year-old veteran was due a $500,000 bonus and $4.4 million this year from the Giants before they released him earlier this month.

Jacobs will join former Giants teammate Mario Manningham who signed a two year contract with the 49ers earlier this week. Jacobs’ signed a one year deal, worth a little less than $2 million. He will most likely be the back up to 49ers go-to back, Frank Gore and could share the role with Kendall Hunter. Jacobs ran for 571 yards and seven touchdowns in the 2011 regular season as a back up to Ahmad Bradshaw.  This upcoming season will mark the eighth year for the Superbowl champion and it could be his last, as he turns 30 in July.

via ESPN