Chelsea FC young gun, Jacob  Mellis, has been kicked off ofthe club after he set off a smoke bomb in the club’s locker room. The prank may have been harmless, but it set off the fire alarm, caused a full scale evacuation from the training grounds and fire marshals had to be brought in. The prank happened on March 2, when 19 year old teammate, Billy Clifford, brought in the smoke bomb to the reserve team locker room and the 21 year old Jacob Mellis set it off.

The decision to kick Mellis off the club was made after an investigation to find out who actually set off the smoke bomb. Clifford was fined by Chelsea for bringing the smoke bomb into the training facility, but no further action was taken.

Chelsea players seem to be fond of pranks in the locker room. Earlier in the year, first team left-back, Ashley Cole, brought in an air rifle and ‘accidently’ shot an intern in the leg. He apologized to the intern but was not punished by the club.


via Daily Mail