As you know, a group of friends from my office and I decided to partake in the Cosby Sweaters 40 Day Challenge again this year, each of us giving up something near and dear to us for Lent.  Today marks the end of the first week, and the beginning is always the worst.  last year we all did pretty well.  How about in 2012?  Let’s check in (WARNING: some naughty language):


HUMPERDOODLE (fast food and bread)

Good news, I haven’t failed yet.. but I have been substituting my bread addiction with bags of dry Captain Crunch cereal and coffee and fruits and veggies… the end result?.. not cute. TMI.  My own laxative, I guess. I have, however, been cooking more, so that’s a plus 😉 Anyway, as hard as this is for me, I’m still going strong!

LAMEANIE (eating pork)

I went to Costco on Saturday and realized they had beef hot dogs! It was the most exciting day of my week. So I stood in line for like 30 minutes (exaggeration) and got to the cashier window and they didn’t take credit cards! I had no cash on me, so I was extremely pissed off. I have been dreaming about that hot dog since then, but I’m too lazy to go back to Costco….or to the grocery store to just buy beef hot dogs. However I am still pork free!


SPICYLALA (cursing)

I’m happy to say that this week has been sooo much better than the week before. There were several times when I wanted to curse until I was blue in the face, but I resisted!!!!! Whoohooo!!!!!

BUSTY ST. CLAIRE (online dating and cussing)

So this weekend was especially trying…. I went to NYC for the weekend…. Here’s how it went.







Packed my bags! That flew free…  @#%$ Yeah!  Thank you Jet Blue…

Met a boy… he was my last online date I had planned before I cut myself off for lent! I was hoping he would keep me interested for the next 40 days.

Friday night…

Mexican food ….Whiskey Blue for drinks….Dancing with my bestie and the boy …..


No Cussing…. And no logging on to any online sites! Success!

Sat Night…. With the date!

Dinner @ VellaBella… AMAZING!  One of my favorite shows ever!  Me and the date said our goodbyes…


Sat night with the Bestie!

Tonic time square with old friends and made new friends… more dancing! Shots and cocktails…

Pizza… drunk phone calls…somehow made it back to the hotel with ALL my stuff!

Sunday… Good bye New York  back on the plane to LA…. Sleepy time… 

Self-reflection of my weekend …. Things I realized:

Where he is in his dating life… Where I want to be in my dating life…We were ultimately ……                                                                                                                          


All in all …

This how I thought the weekend would be…..         This is how the weekend turned out ! LOL 


Balance owed $0 


BREEQUANA (candy and chips)

Its only been a week?!?! How long is this damn thing? I’m craving a bag of chips or a piece of candy so bad that I started dreaming about each chips. Keeping my mind off of the challenge this week was difficult. I needed to do something to keep me occupied so I started doing a few arts and crafts. I went to Michaels, picked up a few things and made this beauty. . . 


Only problem . . . I tried to eat it afterwards. FAIL!



DOUBLE FAIL! I can’t be nice to people. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. Does anyone have any suggestions?


BIG SKEEZY (smoking)

Ah, island life.  Having spent the better part of week two in Hawaii I now realize why people are so in love with that place.  So lush, so green, so easy going.  I got in Thursday around lunchtime and set up shop at our house on Kanehoe Bay (the back yard is pictured below):


My pals and I took off to Waikiki around 4PM that day.  For those of you who’ve never been to Waikiki it’s kind of like the Vegas strip of Oahu.  Loads of bars stacked neatly in a row, silly drink specials, and loads of attractive people milling about (and some not so attractive people as well).  The first stop was at a bar and most of the subsequent stops between then and 2:00 AM the next day were bars.  I drank mai tais, found a country bar with $1 beers and a “Miss Nashville” contest going on (not as sexy as advertised), a rotating bar atop a hotel where I injured my knee and then capped it all off with some cheesesteaks.  Not a bad first night.  

The rest of the weekend was spent trying to not get beaten to death by the extremely large locals and wandering from beach to beach looking for good waves.  I also spent a day in the rain playing Cast Away, where I fished and cracked open coconuts.  As for the challenge, I did crack and smoke a bit.  As easy as it would be to hide it this is about improvement and honesty, so there it is.  $10 owed by Skeezy.


And there you have it, folks!  Tune in next week to see how we’re holding up!