Good morning, campers!  Last week was a momentous one where Big Skeezy finally cleared the one hundred pound barrier and enjoyed one (if not several) well-deserved beers.  is it possible that his celebration and revelry carried him back into the under 100 range?  Let’s break it down, shall we?

It’s true.  I drank beers last Tuesday night.  I drank about eight of them.  Eight delicious, frost brewed, Rocky Mountain cold Coors Lights.  They were delicious, filling, and I couldn’t have been happier to have had them.  It wasn’t even about the beer as much as it was about earning the right to drink them.

Wednesday, however, it was back to the grind.  I kept on track pretty well for a couple of days but indulged myself yet again on Thursday night as I watched my Broncos beat the Jets.

Thursday was a solid day as I climbed back aboard the wagon.  Bike, gym, eating right – the usual stuff.  I’ve continued the Four-Hour Body path, eating lots of eggs, meat, beans and vegetables.  The book claims that a lot of people find the diet boring if not intolerable.  I find that I don’t really miss the “white carbs” – bread, pasta, potatoes, etc.  In fact, when I do eat them these days I feel pretty sluggish.  It’s kind of weird because I used to LOVE that stuff.  I still do, but in much smaller and infrequent doses.  My gym routine has been more or less unaltered this week as well, riding my bike and getting the exercise I need to keep going.

Friday, of course, was the day it began to unravel.  I went out with some friends Friday night and hit one of my favorite local watering holes.  It’s possible we all got a tiny bit inebriated that night, but history will be the judge of that.

Saturday was a tough day for me for a lot of reasons, only one of which I’ll go into here.  I took a jog around my neighborhood that morning to clear my head and I rolled my ankle, leaving me hobbled for the remainder of the weekend.  I’m pretty sure I deserved it, however, so I wasn’t too upset about it.  That night I attended a small gathering to watch USC beat Oregon (the second awesome game I watched last week) and then we were off to the bar for a spot of celebration.

I spent Sunday icing my ankle and putzing around the house.  It was raining cats and dogs here in Southern California and there was no reason at all to go outside.  Thank you, DirecTV, for giving me the gift of the Red Zone channel.

I was able to walk pretty well on Monday so it was back to the grind once more.  Tuesday came like it always does and I stepped on the scale, a bit worried that I had undone my 100 pound mark and would be returning to the land of no beer.

Fortunately, I was wrong.  It turns out I had lost three pounds, taking me down to 268 with a total weight loss on the year of 103 pounds.

This week is going to be the interesting one, what with Thanksgiving looming on Thursday.  On that note, have a great Thanksgiving, everyone.  Be safe, enjoy your friends and family, and be sure to remember what it is you are truly thankful for.  Speaking of being thankful…

…let’s talk about something else right quick.  A week or so ago I posted about the Cosby Sweaters team joining the MOvember movement to raise money for men’s health awareness.  I can’t help but notice that a very limited amount of you have joined Team Dirty Cosby Sweaters and even fewer of you have donated.  It only takes a minute, gang, and it’s for a great cause.  Please be sure and visit my page at and join the team, make a donation and do a little good in the world today.