Good morning, campers!  The air is getting a bit brisk outside, the leaves are turning colors almost everywhere and Big Skeezy is still facing the Challenge week in and week out.  Last week he embarked on a new plan he took from the book The Four-Hour Body and he lost three pounds, putting him right on the precipice of that elusive one hundred pounds lost mark.  Would Big Skeezy come through or would he step away from the ledge due to his awesome and virile lifestyle?  Let’s break it down, shall we?

After last week’s change to the Four-Hour Body regime I felt really good.  My step was quicker, my smile was a bit more broad and my gas was epic.  E-P-I-C.  Seriously, eating eggs, beans of all kinds, and vegetables really does a number on your innards.  Luckily everyone likes their own brand so I was unaffected by it.  My friends, not so much.  This was particularly evident last week when my friends “Kyle”, “Kendrick” (names changed, anonymity, etc.) and I sat down to a delicious meal of food that I’d concocted – the legendary Malad:

That’s basically iceberg lettuce, jalapeno chicken sausage, ground turkey, tomatoes, red and yellow bell peppers, brussel sprouts, onions, Tapatio sauce and a dash of shredded cheese.  It’s completely legal as far as my diet goes and also delicious.  Still, you can guess how the room smelled later on.  Woof.

Why am I blathering on about gas?  No reason, really, other than to immortalize the first few days on my new diet as well as inform you, the loyal reader, that a change to the Four-Hour Body diet is effective and awesome but also a bit stinky.  You’ve been warned.

Last week was a good one.  Lately I’ve been having one big night out and the rest of them are a bit more quiet.  I’ve found that I feel so much better when I’m not going full throttle all the time.  Also, it really helps the ol’ diet because I’m not constantly eating out and, subsequently, having cocktails.  Last week I did make one mid-week outing to watch the L.A. Kings play a spot of hockey.  Our seats were pretty good:

Second row right next to the Kings bench.  THAT good.  Sure, I have pictures from the game itself but this is a better representation of how great out seats were.  Also, hockey moves fast so the game pics are pretty blurry.

The week wore on and soon it was Friday, the day everything usually begins to unravel.  It didn’t, though, as “Kyle” and I had to drive into the middle of nowhere for a good friend’s birthay party.  Let’s call her “Cybele”.  The party was a good one and I did have a few drinks but didn’t do nearly as much damage as I could have.  We were back home by 11:30 or so and all was well.

Saturday night was spent in a few places, as this was the big one.  It started with a barbecue for yet another friend’s birthday (we’ll call her “Raphi”) and then it was off to see my friend “Abby” for a quick bite.  I did eat twice but it was all meats and such.  I was well-behaved diet wise.  We then met up with some more friends who had fled the barbecue and things started to get inebriating.  I ended up pumping he brakes early as it looked like someone needed to be the driver later.  It turns out I was right.  A great time was had by all and it was ultimately a great night.

Sunday was football day, of course, and the Broncos won their second in a row.  Needless to say, I was happy about that.  I had a few friends over and we grilled up a ton of sausages and enjoyed a wonderful lazy Sunday.

Finally, after an uneventful Monday, it was time to hit the scale.  I awoke, stepped on top, and found that I’d lost four pounds.  That drops me down to 271 with a total weight loss on the year of….

…100 pounds.  The century mark.

Guess who’s having a beer tonight?  THIS GUY, that’s who.


Now, let’s talk about something else right quick.  A week or so ago I posted about the Cosby Sweaters team joining the MOvember movement to raise money for men’s health awareness.  I can’t help but notice that a very limited amount of you have joined Team Dirty Cosby Sweaters and even fewer of you have donated.  It only takes a minute, gang, and it’s for a great cause.  Please be sure and visit my page at and join the team, make a donation and do a little good in the world today.