BSC 2011 Weeks 42 and 43

Good morning, campers!  You might have noticed that Big Skeezy went missing last week. You’ll be happy to know he didn’t give up and try to eat his weight in Godfather’s Pizza.  He actually has a fairly good excuse for why he was gone.  We’re into November now and the Skeeze still hasn’t hit that hundred pound mark.  Was two weeks enough time?  Let’s break it down, shall we?

Yes, I’m back, and feeling pretty good.  I can’t believe it’s November now and that in a few short weeks I won’t be posting these anymore.  Crazy, isn’t it?

Why did I miss last week’s post?  I have a one word explanation for that: Vegas.  I flew out to Vegas the afternoon of October 21st and was scheduled to come back Sunday night.  I decided mid-day Sunday that I was going to make the trek back on Monday instead.  We were having too much fun and the other guys were staying one more night.  I was there both for fun and as the agent/manager for one of my best clients who, in a nutshell, goes batshit in Vegas and needs a bit of help controlling himself.  As a good friend and agent/manager, I couldn’t possibly leave him there to self-destruct so I opted to stay another night.

What happened that weekend will not be posted here for a multitude of reasons, but the weekend was very intoxicating to say the least.  I tossed the BSC out the window for the most part.  Friday night I ordered a nice salmon and steamed veggies but also ate my share of a Bloomin’ Onion and was drinking long islands and margaritas so, yeah, even that wasn’t quite balanced.  I didn’t eat a ton the rest of the weekend but when I did it generally wasn’t the best choice.  There was a lot of walking and even a good bit of dancing involved, as well as swimming so I did get some exercise, albeit Vegas exercise.

I came home mid-day on Monday and basically went to sleep.  On Tuesday I awoke, went to the gym, went to work and didn’t think twice (or even once) about posting.  In my head it was Monday (thank you, Vegas).  I went about my day and early afternoon got a call from a friend who asked where the post was and I said, “Oh geez, that’s right.  It’s Tuesday.”  At that point I decided to wait until this week to post because it was already 2PM on Tuesday and I hadn’t weighed myself that day.  In hindsight I was pretty happy about it because lord knows I probably gained seven pounds in Vegas.

So my post-Vegas life went along as my non-post-Vegas life usually rolls along.  I ate pretty well, I exercised, I lived the dream.  This past weekend I was pretty good as well, going to bed early on Friday and acting as the DD on Saturday so I didn’t have a ton to drink that night either.  Sunday was football Sunday and I do have a confession to make – I ate a McRib.  It’s only here for a limited time and so delicious!  Don’t judge me!  Hell, judge me.  I don’t care.  That little bastard is goooooood.

And so Tuesday was upon me once again and this time I actually realized it was Tuesday.  Coming off of the Vegas week I figured if I can just level off it’ll be a win, because that’ll mean I probably lost a bunch of weight I added during my Vegas adventure.  I nervously stepped on the scale this morning and found that I had done just that.  I’d leveled off over the two week span staying at 278 and leaving me another seven pounds away from the elusive one hundred pound mark.

The sun is starting to set on this whole thing and I’d hoped to be much further along at this point than I am now.  Still, losing is losing and I’m proud of what I’ve done so far.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas looming I’m curious to see how I fare moving forward.  It’s going to take a lot of work, obviously, but I’m kind of looking forward to it.  After all, what’s worth doing if it isn’t worth working at, right?  Until next week, stay thirsty my friends.