Good morning, campers!  The Big Skeezy Challenge turns the big 4-0 this week.  Big Skeezy himself is coming off of a two pounder, putting him nine pounds away from that increasingly frustrating hundo.  How’d he do this week?  Let’s check in, shall we?

So here I am, nine pounds away from the century mark and a mere twelve weeks away from the last update.  I can’t believe it’s already freaking October.  OCTOBER!  It’s been a long road, indeed, but the road keeps going uphill…and it’s getting steeper.

I don’t have a ton of time today to regale you with the tales of my week but it was an interesting one at best.  For starters, I was very lax about the gym.  I’m still having trouble getting out of bed in the morning and I still don’t know why.  I beginning to think that because it’s cooled off and I’m able to actually use blankets again the simply coziness of my bed is keeping me from arising from it.  Tonight I’m going to move my alarm clock out of arm’s reach, which will force me to get up to turn it off.  That oughta help.

Otherwise, the week was average at best.  The first few days were the usual good effort.  Thursday night was a trip to a new place in the Marina called Killer Shrimp.  We were there for a few hours Thursday night, watching three different sports on three TVs mounted nearby:

Football, baseball, and opening night hockey from left to right.  It was awesome.  We had some drinks and ate every appetizer on the menu.  After that it was off to the Tattle Tale for some karaoke and then, well, I can’t really tell you what happened after that.  It was fun, though.

Friday was a bit achy but I made it through the day fairly incident free.  Friday night we decided to return to Killer Shrimp because we realized two things: we needed to become friends with the wait staff and make it our go-to joint and we never actually ate the Killer Shrimp.  We did both on Friday over the course of a few hours.  Afterwards it was off to Playa with my friend “Abby” for a few drinks.  All in all, it was a fairly quiet evening.

Saturday was boys’ night out.  It started at an Oktoberfest party in Santa Monica and then segued to a couple of bars.  We were even able to get the seven of us admitted to a list-only party going on at the last place we went.  Yeah, we’re that good.  I made a French exit around 1:30AM, having had enough for one night.  As for the shenanigans that went on before that, well, if you weren’t there you wouldn’t understand anyway.

Sunday started with some McDonald’s breakfast and football.  Some sandwiches and mimosas were had that day and I ate way too much.  Monday night was kind of the same thing.  I got a good five mile walk in on Monday afternoon but then ate a couple of slices of pizza and some rum drink the night before a weigh-in.  Can you tell I was kind of over it this week?

Needless to say, the weigh in wasn’t impressive.  I put one back on, raising it to 281 and setting me back to ninety on the year.  Now, of course, I feel like I’m over my ennui with this entire endeavor.  This week is going to be a sweaty one, I assure you.  I’m ready to turn that corner, hit the hundo and race to the finish line.

Of course, I’ve said that before.  We’ll see what happens.