Those crafty Japanese guys have come up with another doozy!  Okite is an app that will bring your, your family and your ancestors much dishonor if you hit the snooze button.  The way it works is simple: your iDevice alarm goes off, you hit snooze, and Okite immediately sends an embarrassing, random, downright terrible tweet to all of your followers.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide examples because none of us speak or read Japanese, but if we’d written it these would be some examples (censored for general audiences):


“Having trouble getting out of bed!  My ****** is covered in ****** and the ******* is squeaking!”

“You think you’re having a bad morning?  Try *** ******* **** with your ***** in a metal ******!”

“****** ****** with ****** and ****** up in my ******! Both *****!”

“It seems I’d rather ******* with a hairy ***** ******** swimming ****** **** *****.  FML!”

“I don’t regret eating **** ******* slathered ******.  I’ll regret it later, though…if I ever get out of bed!”


We’re looking forward to the English version, obviously, and have already applied for writing jobs.