A 22 and 23-year-old Bulgarian woman, who are renting an apartment in Tampa, Florida for their summer work abroad program, noticed something fishy about the smoke detectors in their bathrooms and bedrooms. They weren’t smoke detectors but hidden cameras. Hidden cameras that were in every nook and cranny of the pad. Big Brother style. After living in the apartment for a little while they finally decided to inspect the “smoke detectors” after finding cabling protruding from the devices suspicious. They followed the cabling to a locked closet, broke into it, and found a CCTV box connected to a wireless router. One can assume it was transmitting and recording everything that was happening while in the apartment. And I doubt it was for security purposes.

Vanya Samokovareva, one of the two girls staying in the apartment, said to Tampa TV station Baynews 9:

You are in the bathroom, you take a shower, you make everything. This is absurd that there’s a camera, this is the idea to show us naked… to show what we make in the bathroom?

Absurd it is Vanya. Ralitsa Dzhambazova, Vanya’s 23-year-old roommate said:

This is terrible. I never expect that this thing can happen to me or my friend. We just came here to spend one summer in the United States, to work here. Where the people watch us? What they watch? Because this is your private room.

The landlord for the complex was unable to comment on the story.

[via: Gizmodo]