– Pedroia was the only player to have an even half way decent game offensively.  He went 3-7.  Tampa as a team went 3-50.  That’s a batting average of .060.

 – The Sox left 17 men on base, which is pretty amazing for a game in which they only got 5 hits.  Every starter walked at least once (12 total) accept for Jacoby and Varitek, who were a combined 0-14.

 – Tampa used 9 pitchers and threw 270 total pitches, but somehow in extra innings managed to bring in 6 guys in a row from the bullpen that didn’t even give up a single hit.

 I guess a 16 inning game that ends 1-0 is fairly ridiculous in itself.  Crawford comes back for the Sox tonight, loooong overdue.

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