Raffi Torres hit on Brent Seabrook last night was awarded only a 2 minute penalty and no further reprecussions for what could have been interpreted as a violation of rule 48 (essentially a blind-side hit to the head). The call was debatable as to if it was to the head or not. However, tonight in the Pittsburgh Penguins v Tampa Bay Lightning game there was no debate when Chris Kunitz hit Simon Gagne with a blatant blindside hit to the head. An absolutely unacceptable hit which should be met with a hefty suspension. Is there room for debate here, we don’t believe so.

The hit was retaliation for an earlier illegal charge by Steve Downie who had a leaping hit into Pittsburgh’s Ben Lovejoy which is not allowed. Once you get the skates off the ice, you have no argument.

via Inside Pittsburgh Sports
Image via Puck Daddy