Welcome to the 3rd edition of “Apps You’ve Never Heard Of But Are Awesome.” Your self-proclaimed “App Store Dumpster Diver” is back with with my favorite apps for the week. Think you’ve found something better? I doubt it, but feel free to leave a favorite in the comments section or by submitting feedback. Let’s get started.

Look Hot and Sexy As A Plus Size – [Download] – iPhone

If you think the overweight gal in the photo looks like she’s laughing, you’re wrong. She’s choking on a 20-piece McNugget. Now overweight women have an app that can help them cope with their obesity issues: fashion, shopping, and the beach. The biggest complaint so far, their fat fingers make navigating the menus impossible . Download.

Look Hot and Sexy As A Plus Size iPhone App 1 Look Hot and Sexy As A Plus Size iPhone App 2 Look Hot and Sexy As A Plus Size iPhone App 3


Drink TV – [Download] – iPhone

Drink TV is a database full of popular movies and TV shows you can play drinking games with. You can easily search the time, day, or network of a show so it’s game on whenever you want. Stop focusing on the plot and start focusing on when  you should drink until you can’t focus anymore . Download.

Drink TV iPhone App 1 Drink TV iPhone App 2 Drink TV iPhone App 3


Dog Translator+ – [Download] – iPhone

Dogs have a lot to say. And personally it’s rude that you never answer them. With Dog Translator+ you can understand what Fido is really trying to tell you. It’s your turn to be the obedient one. I recommend you purchase this in addition to the app. Download.

Dog Translator iPhone App 1 Dog Translator iPhone App 2 Dog Translator iPhone App 3

Stay tuned for next week! In the meantime, check out my previous app reviews.