The 3-point contest usually takes a backseat to its slam dunk counterpart during all-star weekend, but the 3-point contest which started in 1986 has showcased some of the most elegant natural shooting strokes in the history of the game. The Cosby Sweaters is a big fan of all the things that make this game so fun to watch. Here we bring you the 5 most natural strokes that have ever graced the 3-point contest:

5. The Greatest of all the White Hopes:

4. In the shadow of MJ was an extremely smooth stroke courtesy of Craig Hodges

3. Quick reminder: Dirk is 7 FEET tall and that stroke is still slippery when wet

2. Before the Fab Five, Glen Rice was filling up Ann Arbor hoops with that sweet, sweet form:

1. Jesus Shuttlesworth. Period.