BSC 2011 - Week Three

Good morning, everyone!  It’s been a pretty interesting week for me and the challenge, as I’ve tried a couple of things that might not have paid off in the long run.  How’d it go?  Let’s break it down, shall we?

The week started as most do, with me eating my usual daily staples and getting moderate exercise.  However, this past week was one in which a good friend of mine, Leslie (of “Black Swan” fame), celebrated her birthday.  Needless to say, there was going to be some partying involved and you know from my original Big Skeezy Challenge posts that I am not one to shy away from partying.  There was another party Friday night which required my attendance as well as the fact that the week would end with championship Sunday in the NFL and a party at Kyle’s.  It made for a perfect setup to derail me from my health and fitness plans.

It started on Wednesday night with a trip to the LBC for the first of two of the skonkita’s birthday celebrations.  I was actually remarkably well-behaved that night, having one glass of Jack (neat) and then a bunch of water on the rocks.  Thursday night ended up being dinner with a friend at Magic Johnson’s Fridays.  The cobb salad wasn’t a terrible choice, but the two “Diddy Up” cocktails I drank (Ciroc vodka, grapefruit juice and red bull) weren’t exactly good.  I still felt pretty good about it, though, as I had every intention of walking in there and eating five pounds of fried mayonnaise balls.  You see, my sister has started bodybuilding and knows a lot about fitness.  Once she discovered the BSC 2011 she offered some advice, a piece of which was “make sure you have ‘cheat meals’ a couple of times a week to keep your metabolism from resetting.”  Thank goodness I decided to eat somewhat healthy and take my chances with the booze.

Friday night was the night I really let it go.  It was my friend “Chris'” last party in his house before he moves.  I drank my fair share of liquor, but only to the point of getting a good buzz on so I could scale it back and get us home later.  I ate, however, like an asshole.  Lots of crackers were ingested that night, which definitely goes against the “no carbs after lunch” thing I’ve been pretty good about thus far.

Saturday night was a return trip to the LBC for Leslie’s second birthday party.  I didn’t actually eat anything after about 3:30 that afternoon but, again, I was drinking more than I should have been.  Much like Friday I drank to a good buzzed point and then scaled it back.  I’m glad I did, too, because it got pretty interesting at the club that night.  I have wonderful pictures of the birthday girl – you should see them.  Sinner.

Sunday was the championship games and the shindig at Kyles.  Being a Bears fan, he wanted a bunch of brats and deep dish pizza and the like.  We ended up getting a buttload of barbecue and I ate the hell out of it, which isn’t terribly bad because it’s all meat. Still, there’s sugary barbecue sauce to account for as well as the, oh, ten beers I drank and then the Jack on top of that.  I was a very naughty boy, health-wise.  But hey, Jay Cutler proved that he was what I thought he was so I couldn’t have been TOO upset (sorry Kyle).

All of that being ingested and behind me, I was a bit wary of stepping on the scale this morning.  I knew my transgressions, though, and made a deal with myself not to be upset if I slipped.  I knew it was a possibility but that’s what the BSC 2011 is about – risk and experimentation in  the name of whipping my ass into shape.  I stepped on the scale this morning, looked down, and saw that I had lost…

…three pounds!

I was completely surprised at it, to be honest.  I also know that had I been a bit more well behaved it would have been more.  That’s why I’m going to be extra good this week and try to clear that twenty total pound mark before the end of the month.

Again, many thanks to all of you for your continued support!  I’ll check in again next week!