For those who hadn’t heard, the Super Bowl and the Execs at FOX had recently rejected a commercial from Canadian Dating Website We were lucky enough to get our hands on the banned ad and have it for you below. The commercial, which features porn star Savanna Samson, was denied play during the 2011 Super Bowl by Fox Broadcasting. The founder of the website; Noel Biderman said, “Clearly, having a porn star as the central figure in your commercial isn’t going to help your cause,” He said it’s disappointing that the NFL continues to discriminate against adult-film stars.

To be clear; the website is actually described as an “infidelity dating service.”, a dating service for married people, or people who want to cheat without taking heat. FOX offered no explanation other than that their “Standards & Practices has deemed the Ashley Madison spot is not acceptable to air on FOX.”

via @darrenrovell