School Daze Remix
A rematch 22+ years in the making takes place in Columbus, OH this Friday!

The 1988 Spike Lee joint, School Daze, featured one-liners and classic scenes that many will never forget.

Perhaps the most the most iconic of all was the scene that featured the light skinned girls battling against the dark skinned girls over who’s hair looked prettier and who the brothas at school preferred. Every officially licensed School Daze analyst agrees that the battle was a draw, and we’ve (yes, I’m one) been waiting patiently for a rematch ever since.

Well, we’re in luck because this Friday in Columbus Ohio, the rematch is going down.  The light skinned girls are going open-toe to open-toe in a battle to determine just who’s in style in 2011.  Black Wheaties and the rest of the world patiently awaits the result.

(thanks to Anya for the find)