In a surprisingly frank interview on MUTV with Paddy Crerand, Wayne Rooney has owned up to his poor decision in challenging Sir Alex Ferguson and England’s ‘terrible’ 2010 World Cup performance.

Here’s what Rooney had to say about his balking at sticking with Manchester United:

But looking back now, it really was nothing to do with me. I just wanted to make sure that signing was the right thing to do and I got the answers in the end. But it was probably wrong of me to do that. I’m just glad it got sorted and that it’s all over now.

In the end Rooney says that, despite media claims to the contrary, Manchester City was never truly an option and he’s glad to be with Man U:

People said I was odds on to go to Man City. That was never the case. There was no way I’d have gone there, but I know I’ve made the right decision. I’ve made myself happy

What didn’t make Rooney happy was his team’s performance in South Africa:

There was no problem with my ankle, but the World Cup was obviously a disaster. We were training well and everything seemed good. There was talk of trouble in the camp, but everyone was fine and there was no trouble.  But in the games we were terrible really and we just didn’t get going in the tournament.

Surprisingly candid disclosures from an athlete in today’s world.  Perhaps the form that Rooney seems to have re-discovered is reflective not just of resolving on-field issues but getting himself into a better place mentally before stepping on the pitch.

You can read more from the interview here.