The Daily Beast recently released a list of the top 40 drunkest cities in The US. Here are the top 10 and a quick comment following each.

1. Milwaukee, WI –  Ummm, yes. One word; “Brewing.” MillerCoors runs the state.
2. Fargo, ND –  What the hell else is there to do?
3. San Francisco, CA – I suppose the AMOUNT of bars account for this?  Slightly confusing though.
4. Austin, TX – Absolutely.  SXSW probably accounts for half of the alcohol consumption in one week.
5. Reno, NV – Gamble, Drink, Repeat.
6. Burlington, VT – In 2006, MSNBC listed Burlington, VT as the fourth best city in the world for beer lovers behind Amsterdam, Berlin, and Brugge.  Who would have known?
7. Omaha, NE – College World Series!
8. Boston, MA –  Absolutely.  No justification needed here.
9. Anchorage, AK – Knowing Sarah Palin is from your state is reason enough to be a binge drinker.
10. San Diego, CA – This is surprising.  S.D. folks seem soft to me.  The downtown area is great and the large assortment of colleges all in close proximity to each other accounts for this ranking.

Where is Chicago?  Where is Denver?  New Orleans?

You can view the full list here with some fun stats.