These numbers are worldwide followed by my in depth reviews of each.

10. Clash of the Titans — $493.2 million – I have not seen this movie, but I imagine it sucked.

9. How to Train Your Dragon — $494.9 million – I have not seen this movie,  but I hear from anyone and everyone that it is pretty awesome and the best animated movie, EVER.  I can not confirm or deny.

8. Despicable Me — $539.9 million – Never heard of it.

7. Iron Man 2 — $582.2 million – Saw it on a plane and was furious that it sucked so much compared to the first one.   I was flying business class so it was free, or I would have really been mad if I ponied up a few bucks to see it.

6. Twilight Saga: Eclipse — $693.5 million – Can honestly say I didn’t catch this pile of steaming horse dung.

5. Shrek Forever After — $739.8 million – I liked the first one, didn’t see this one though.

4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. — $824.1 – They still make these movies?  I haven’t seen any of them, and most likely will never.

3. Inception — $825.4 million – Took an ambien and was about 5 beers deep on a plane when I tried to watch it.  Was too complicated for that sort of a state of mind , so I fell asleep.   True story.

2. Alice in Wonderland — $1 billion – Didn’t see it.  Looked stupid and I stopped doing hallucinogenics in college.

1. Toy Story 3 — $1.1 billion – Haven’t seen it yet, probably will at some point.