Thanks to the folks at Fast Company we are able to get a little insight into what the owners of iPad’s are using the device for.   One out of every five Americans plans to own a tablet by 2014, according to a survey conducted in November by Harris Interactive, a market research firm, and released today. The online survey, conducted in mid-November on about 2,300 adults, asked questions about business, social networking, and other uses of the device of both sexes and several age cohorts, and its findings amount to a demographic snapshot of tablet use in this country.

Nine million Americans currently own tablets–only about 3% of the current U.S. population. But the iPad and its cousins seems to have made inroads into the American psyche, at least, since fully 17% more intend to buy one in the next three years, according to the survey.

The results also prove out what some have noticed as a trend: the tablet as business tool. Of those who own or plan to own tablets, 40% of them intend to use it for business. The iPad is becoming, in effect, a jumbo Blackberry.

(via Fast Company)

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