That does not look fun

Fredrick Hjelmquist has always been an audiophile.  His “mad passion” for custom sound systems led him to opening his own audio equipment store called ‘Pause”.  His most recent invention is called the “gutPOD”.

What’s the gutPOD?  It’s a unique sound system that uses your abdomen as the speaker system.  That’s right, your abdomen.  You simply swallow a very large pod with a wireless transmitter built in.  You can then stream music to your own stomach so that everyone nearby can hear your playlist as you walk down the street.

During his trial run he allowed passer-bys to select the playlist themselves from a jukebox on his website.  Apparently, the test run was a success although Hjelmquist said the sound quality was “very bad”.  Not a very good endorsement, is it?

Also falling under the category of “not a very good endorsement” is the fact that he buys a metric crapton of laxatives before he swallows it.  It looks painful enough to get INTO your stomach.  I can only imagine what it must be like to get it out.  Then there’s the retrieval, as there is no mention of the gutPOD being disposable.  I’d love to see how he solves that problem.