George Karl

George Karl ALMOST became the seventh coach in NBA history to reach 1,000 career wins this evening when the Nuggets lost to the Bobcats tonight in Charlotte 100-98.   Ironically, Larry Brown who currently coaches the Bobcats, is the last coach to have achieved that milestone

“When you sit back and really think about having 1,000 wins, it’s a lot of wins,” Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony told the Denver Post last night. “You sit back and think about how many seasons, how many wins you have to have in each season — and that’s a lot. So we want to get it done for him. I would love to be part of that; keep the win streak going. I know he’ll be happy. He’s back home in Carolina. I know all of the alumni are going to be there. I know he’s excited about that.'”

Bummer it couldn’t have happened tonight.

George Karl would have joined Don Nelson, Lenny Wilkens, Pat Riley, Jerry Sloan, Phil Jackson and Brown as part of the 1,000-win club.  Stay tuned for