At midnight, Pacific Standard Time, Activision/Blizzard will drop the latest expansion pack for its mildly successful MMORPG, World of Warcraft:

This might sell

Entitled Cataclysm, the latest expansion offers two new playable races, new lands to explore and hours upon hours of time to be spent having your butt handed to you by a warehouse full of young Korean gamers who are better at this game then you’ll ever be at anything.

For most people who play WoW, waiting for midnight tonight is kind of like waiting for the end of your first date when you wondered if you were going to get the green light to kiss the pretty young lady you just took to the movies, only in this case you know that not only will you kiss her but you’ll be cooking her breakfast.

In honor of tonight’s launch (which will have virgin nerds lined up around the block), here is a little-known video that showcases the best of what WoW has to offer: