In news that won’t shock anyone who hasn’t been frozen for the past decade a recent survey of major retailer marketing heads revealed that while holiday marketing budgets are expeted to remain on-par with 2009 TV and online advertising is likely to increase with print further declining.

Most CMOs — 42% — said they allocate most of their holiday budget to print ads, down from 64% a year ago. And 27% said they’d be investing the bulk of their budget in online ads, including social-networking sites. That’s up from just 18% last year.

Social media usage is also reported up from 51% to 75% with 92% of those using Facebook.  Long story short, if you want the best deals at retail stop checking the glossy part of the newspaper and start friending Best Buy.

This all comes from the DBO Retail Compass Survey which apparently someone gets paid to do even if it returns information everyone already knows.  Future surveys will likely investigate whether women like shoe shopping and if men prefer football to soap operas.   Get the full recap here