Darrelle Revis CS

Terrell Owens ate some crow instead of turkey for Thanksgiving, courtesy of Derelle Revis.  Earlier this week Terrell Owens referred to Darrelle Revis as “an average cornerback.”  However, when the Bengals played the NY Jets on Thursday night Darrelle Revis helped T.O. to just 3 catches on 17 yards.

T.O. told the media earlier this week that Darrelle was;  “Just an average corner to me.  Everybody has assessed his abilities as far as what he did last year, shutdown corner, this and that. He did very well last year. But I think I’m looking forward to the challenge, just like he’s looking forward to the challenge.”

Owens should probably choose his words a little more carefully next time he plays an “average cornerback.”