Seems Ron Artest isn’t satisfied with the shot at a three-peat for the Lakers this year, he is already thinking about life after basketball.  The NBA might thing seeing Ron-Ron blasting through people heading through the lane and into the stands is out of control but when you’re 6’6″ and 224 lbs that’s just what the NFL is looking for.

Artest says he will be talking with TO over the summer and considers himself most likely a fit as a tight end or safety but he’ll rely on TO who he says he’s honored to talk to.   Apparently this NFL dream, not a Lakers title or his $33 million dollar contract,  is what keeps Ron-Ron working hard:

It gives me some incentive to come back every year in shape because I wanna still be big and I still want to be quick.  I don’t think there’s been a guy in the history of the league that was able to guard smaller guys and bigger guys so athletically I think I have an opportunity to participate in other sports if I put my mind to it.

Not sure how many NFL teams are looking for rookies over 30 but he’s just big enough, fast enough and crazy enough that it might be possible.

Hear it all from the man himself: