Do you know this man pictured above? He’s Dr. James Andrews, aka Dr. J and he is the sports doctor to the stars. Dr. J makes hoverboard money fixing up the country’s most elite athletes. He’s now about to make more cake because Brett Favre’s nagging shoulder pain isn’t going away. Dr. J’s G4 was boring him anyway. Finally time for that G5.

According to, Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre now has pain in his right shoulder that could be leftover from bicep surgery he had after the 2008 NFL Season. Dr. J performed the 2008 surgery so Favre will be contacting him this week to go back in.

What does this mean for the Minnesota Vikings 2010 season? They were f*cked anyway. Let’s face it.
What does this mean for Dr. J’s bank accounts? Let’s just say, Dr. J ain’t trippin off overdraft fees.

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