I have a recurring dream of covering Denzel Washington in “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” and battling him in a heated game of badminton. Weird one. Can’t explain it. But, bottom line: I’m a big fan. His movies aren’t always great, but they usually guarantee some quality entertainment.

Recently though, I’m concerned that Denzel has given up on close reading of the many scripts presented to him. His new movie, Unstoppable comes out this Friday. Only problem is: I saw this movie last year when it was called The Taking of Pelham 123.

Same Movie, Denzel. Hollywood reports have it that Denzel, one of the hardest working men in entertainment, is hard at work on two more films to be released in 2011. One takes place on a farm where there is an out of control tractor that he needs to stop. In the other, he lives near the ocean and he needs to stop a boat that’s been hijacked and runs out of control.

Unstoppable Trailer:

Trailer for a movie that Denzel made in 2009 that’s the exact same thing as the movie coming out on Friday: