Cosby Sweaters did not think it would happen again until Al Davis (above) was no longer associated with the Raiders, but by golly it has happened: The Oakland Raiders have sold out a home game! This ends an 11 game local blackout streak, so local fans can actually watch their team this Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs. Since 1995, the Raiders have been blacked out for 80 of 125 games. There are two reasons for the Raiders sell out this weekend:

  1. Showing Promise: The Raiders have absolutely been dominating the last two weeks, with combined score of  92-17.
  2. Some Business Acumen: Raiders staff offered a savvy 2 for 1 tickets deal that Raider Nation flocked to.

Now that most of the San Francisco Giants fans have jumped off the baseball bandwagon, maybe they could cross the bridge and support the rejuvenated Raiders? Do San Franciscans even go to Oakland?