On November 5, 1955, a severe concussion led to the invention of time travel.

Dr. Emmett Brown (pictured below) was attempting to hang a clock over his favorite crapper one evening when he slipped on the porcelain, knocking himself unconscious.

Great Scott!

When he awoke he claimed to have had, “a revelation…a picture in my head.”  What he saw in his daze was none other than what we know today as the Flux Capacitor which, of course, is what makes time travel possible:

1.21 Gigawatts!

After years of further research and development, Dr. Brown was able to construct a time machine using a DeLorean DMC-12.  In order to use the flux capacitor, which required 1.21 gigawatts of power to operate, equivalent to the strike from a bolt of lightning), Dr. Brown decided to use a small nuclear reaction.

At 1:21 AM on October 12, 1985, Dr. Brown (and his young friend, Martin McFly) safely sent his dog, Einstein, forward in time one minute.

The accounts of what happened next are a bit hazy, as no one seems willing or able to give Cosby Sweaters a reliable story.  Rumor has it the Dr. Brown and Mr. McFly later travelled to 1955, 2015, and 1885, safely returning to 1985 every time.

As the story we have it goes, the time machine was destroyed in a train accident later that year.  Neither Dr. Brown or Mr. McFly can be reached for comment.