We at Cosby Sweaters are hoping that Vince Young and his 8 score on the wonderlic test is responsible for creating these pieces of Texas dung.  It seems that could be the only reasonable reason for these atrocious statues found just recently around the UT-Austin campus (specifically around the blacktop area where the Bevo Statue is).   Did they have an elementary school lottery to see who got to make it?  Maybe this was a prank by Texan A&M?  It baffles me how this could be allowed to happen.

What is Colt doing here?  Maybe the face shot was taken from his first NFL start against the Steelers?

Colt Statue_ Cosby Sweaters

This one of Vince Young is just priceless.  Again, what is happening with the eyes?

Texas statues - Cosby Sweaters