I got off of the elevator at work today and, as i rounded the corner, I was met with laughter and a “c’mere” wave from two women I sit near.  Now I love these girls – I do – but a “giggle/c’mere” generally means they want me to do something they know I’m not going to like.  As I often do to them, they will sometimes say things to me just to see how I react.  This looked like it would be a good one.

First, a little back story.  Our office has generously decided to allow the herd to dress up for Halloween on Friday.  You can’t really say we’re having a Halloween party unless you define “party” as “do your damn job all day, but feel free to do so in costume”.  Like most years in recent memory, I’d decided to piece something together Friday morning.  It’s much more organic and a great way to get the mental juices flowing in the morning.  Write that down, kids.

Back to this afternoon, I approached the ladies and they asked if i was dressing up.  I told them I wasn’t sure and they asked if I would dress up as a coach because they had just decided (moments before I rounded the corner) to come costumed as a softball team.  Sure, I could do that.  I have the clothes.  I get to wear sweatpants, a hat, sunglasses and chew gum/spit seeds all day.  I was totally on board and agreed on the spot.

My first question was, “What’s the team name?”  They hadn’t quite gotten that far so I decided to compile a list and send it to them for their perusal.  Here’s the email they got:

Softball Team Names

Note: The partially obscured team name contained the name of a co-worker, which has been hidden to save their anonimity.  Besides, you wouldn’t get it anyway.

Apparently my version of “work appropriate” and their version of “work appropriate” differs greatly.  While it all got a good laugh, the one they finally settled on was the “Fighting Ballerinas”.  Because I am a great coach of a championship fictional softball team, I went ahead and put a logo together for the team, which will be on the back of my clipboard tomorrow:

The Fighting Ballerinas

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s game against The Beer-View Mirrors!