This post will be Tag Teamed… We know you will enjoy that.  Having “over served” ourselves last evening myself (The Diplomat) and Roller Girl decided to lay low tonight and explore some of the neighborhoods untapped resources.  Something caught my eye earlier in the day, it was a giant Margarita glass painted on the exterior wall of a restaurant which I thought simply said “Fiesta Mexican.” Assumed Mexican food and Margaritas.  I asked Roller Girl if we could go, she asked if I was aware it was actually called “MEXITALIAN,” or if  like most people (including her) I had read it as “Mexican.” Combo Restaurant!  It’s just like the Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Gauntlet was laid, I was sold.  She kindly obliged.


Oh sh*t.  What could be better.  Mexican food and Italian food.  This restaurant began to represent the United Nations in my mind.  Bring it.

Italian Menu

Here is the wonderful Italian menu which was a double-sided half sheet on a NEGRA MODELO stand.  Seriously?  What a racist restaurant, all good though.  Still pumped.  MAYBE 13 Italian items total.  On the other hand the MEXICAN menu had maybe 300 items for your choosing.  Tony Soprano just sh*t himself.  We opted for Mexican.

In the spirit of over serving ourselves, we ordered drinks.   Options for the house margi were 16, 21, or 32 oz, naturally The Diplomat went big.  One 32 oz Margi (blended, no salt).  Why the hell not, the sh*t-hole Yankees were about to lose.  Roller Girl spiced up the evening with a “SUNRISE” margi.  Hell yes!

Dinner was ordered.  We started with chips, salsa and guacamole.  All decent/ bland.  To be honest, it was all f-in bland.  The beans saved the evening.  We ordered one enchilada, one tamal (dumbsh*ts didnt add the “e” at the end), and a chile relleno.  Again, to be honest… The enchilada was mediocre at best, the chile rellano still has me feeling like Im about to crap my pants and out of my mouth, and  the “tamal” tasted like a piece of paper… BLAND!

I have to say that the server and wait staff were absolutely wonderful.  Our nice lady server was so great that she shared the story of the tragic downfall of the MexItalian empire that once was (formerly known as Rincon Del Sol).  We had a great Mexican restaurant, we had to add Italians to it, now it sucks and people make fun of us, I hate my job, thanks for coming here, and here is a free Margi.  True story, I got a free Margi.  See above.

Final verdict; 1 star… our waitress.  If you go hoping  for large drinks and random tasty bean concoction you are IN LUCK!!!